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Learning Climate – Background Information / Documents

Staff attendance

Student Behavior Policies

*Note: Behavior Expectations background included on Curriculum and Instruction page has additional information

District or School-Wide PBIS

While all schools do not use the PBIS model, all schools have behavior expectations and processes. PBIS is not a district-wide approach, but research-based behavior models are used at each school. Additional Information on Curriculum and Instruction page.

Student Well Being Programs

  • District Priority 3, Creating Spaces of Optimism, guides well-being programming.  
  • Overview of the District-wide approach to optimism and its support of well being .
  • Second Steps is the preschool and elementary program in place and delivered by the counselor one time per month per grade with on-going lessons provided by the counselor and delivered by the classroom teacher weekly. Morning Circle time is used daily at the elementary school. 
  • Conscious Discipline is also implemented at preschool and elementary.
  • Elementary Families
  • Middle school utilizes advisory and health to emphasize well being skills.
  • High school utilizes advisory and health to emphasize well being skills.  

Post Secondary (ICAP) Approach

  • 6-12 grade uses a digital system, Xello, for post-secondary planning, with primary focus in 8th grade “Bigger Picture” course, and in 9th and 12th grade seminars.  In addition, every student has an advisor (same advisor 6-8 and 9-12) who provides support for grades, post-secondary goal-setting, and graduation requirements. 
  • Graduation Requirements approved by the Board of Education include the completion of a portfolio demonstrating the 7 C’s. 
  • Capstone Information. High School students develop a website as a capstone reflection of their school experience and growth in the 7 C’s. It is curated throughout high school through the seminar courses and advisories. Staff score the website and students must meet a benchmark of performance before presenting to a community panel in December of their senior year. The websites and presentations are scored.