Priority 1

Build Professional Collaboration and Staff Wellbeing

Opportunities will be expanded for staff to strengthen collective efficacy and professional collaboration in a culture of mutual care.
Strategic Priority One: Build Professional Collaboration and Staff Wellbeing
Action steps and Deliverables related to the priorityPriority 1 Detail of Actions and Resource Allocation

Action 1:     Build upon components of organization trust in which all members are “for each other” and centered on vision
– Strategy Team replace PLA with published agendas and minutes to facilitate communication between leadership and staff
– Strategy Team utilized by staff to give input to addressing strategic priorities, including staff well being
– Strategy Team actively exchanging information with staff and leadership

Action 2 :    Elevate collective efficacy and professionalism
– Public display of at least five individual PGPs and impact on student learning shared annually with public
– Rounds implemented at all schools quarterly
– Summary statements for ENDS data with input provided from teams
– Wayfinders are visible in all schools and departments
Evidence of ImplementationStrategy Team agendas
Wayfinder poster below
Strategy Book
Evidence of ImpactThe STUDENT SUCCESS and SYSTEM SUPPORT tabs provide the current measures for monitoring impact. For Priority 1, impact to be monitored:
– All student success measures
– Learning Disposition – Staff Overall