Priority 3

Create Culture of 7 C’s with School as an Experience

Students will engage in age appropriate, worthwhile experiences focused on the formation of mind and character, while contributing to a positive school culture.
Action steps related to the priorityPriority 3 Detail of Actions and Resource Allocation

Action 1:    Deepen practices and advance policy that promote optimal immersion into in-person experiences for PK-12 youth and to set guardrails preventing a rush through students’ developmental milestones
– Course Tracker at BVHS with course pathways outlined
– Student accomplishments shared publicly
– Handbooks and policies articulated and accessible
– Schedules in all schools maximizing instructional time

Action 2:    Guide students in experiencing the privilege and responsibility of learning and being in community
– Behavioral codes standardized
– SALT, STUCO, Linkage active and constructive to school culture
– Student survey administered and analyzed with next steps
– Superintendent advisory active
– Board linkage with students completed
– Buddy classrooms meet monthly
– High school students support middle and elementary students quarterly
– 2 Words curriculum introduced

Action 3:    Expand opportunities for students to connect with community mentors to engage in career exploration, discover personal interests and skills, and develop strategies for post-secondary decision-making and success
– BVHS and CCHS families and students have access and utilizing individual course planning trackers
– Work Based Learning students present a reflective project of experience
– Community and other guest speakers across the district share experience and experiences exceeds 50 visits
Evidence of Implementation (Deliverables)Course Trackers – BVHS
Behavioral codes
Handbooks are on school website
Evidence of ImpactThe STUDENT SUCCESS and SYSTEM SUPPORT tabs provide the current measures for monitoring impact. For Priority 3, impact to be monitored include:
– Senior Surveys: prepared for next steps
– Learning Disposition Survey – school is inspiring, challenging, and overall
– Participation in activities at BVMS and BVHS meets ENDS target of 85%