Priority 2

Instruct with focus on Intentionally Designed Learning

Instruction will use the elements of Intentional Design that focuses on clarity, challenge, and relationships and includes meaningful student feedback about both mastery and participation throughout the learning process.
Action steps related to the priorityPriority 2 Detail of Action and Resource Allocation

Action 1:    Deepen effective use of Intentional Design (IDA) strategies
– Revised elementary schedule
– RtI schedules and consistent meeting notes implemented
– Level 3 work samples for BV Essentials accessible to students 

Action 2:    Shift assessment to focus on competency, participation, and growth
– Work habits/participation scores implemented
SCAP site with updated ENDS data
Evidence of ImplementationElementary Schedule 
Participation score procedures outlined in middle and high school handbooks
BV Essentials data linked in the Student Success: Academics and through Abre
Evidence of ImpactThe STUDENT SUCCESS and SYSTEM SUPPORT tabs provide the current measures for monitoring impact. For Priority 2, impact to be monitored:
– BV Essentials – trends of 85% or more at 3- or higher
– State growth scores advancing
– State achievement scores trending beyond state average
– Fewer than 15% of students in K-5 receiving reading services
– CCHS Edgenuity benchmark