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Professional Learning – SSR Findings

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Professional Learning is the systems for educators to collaborate with one another to learn, develop and practice new methods for educating students.  Quality professional learning is proven to be of high impact on student learning. Below are the ratings and targeted areas of strength and growth from recent System Support Reviews in the Professional Learning category. Background Information and Evidence used to determine this rating is linked above.

2022 Executive Summary

Strength AreasGrowth Areas
Instructional Planning is intentional, focused, engaging, and scaffolded, (i.e., the HOW)Curriculum is written and aligned so there are no gaps or unnecessary overlaps, and represents important and demanding understandings and processes
Instructional Planning includes reflection on effectiveness of instruction. (the HOW)
Instructional Planning systems are in place to plan for and ensure instructional supports for specific learning needs.
Instructional Practice are demanding, important, and ensure transfer of learning