Priority 4

Promote Community Connections and Pride in BV Schools

Communication to all BV Stakeholders will be clear, consistent and frequent with opportunities for contribution to decision-making,
Action steps related to the priority
Priority 4 Detail of Actions and Resource Allocation

Action 1:    Strengthen communication and connections with families and the community, especially regarding District ENDS, priorities, BV Essentials and Learning Targets, Wayfinders, and resources in the community.
– Community “Gala” hosted for community support of district
– BV PEAKS meets quarterly
– BVCEAF increased involvement in promoting district
– Building newsletters distributed
– Monthly district newsletter and meetings occur
– At least four video updates to community distributed
– Social media at least weekly postings
– 6-12 Essentials and Targets brochures available
– At least monthly communication to K-5 families about individual student growth/performance
Evidence of ImplementationGala Event Announcement
BV PEAKS meeting schedule
BV Monthly sample
K-12 BV Essentials Brochures
Social media postings
Evidence of ImpactThe STUDENT SUCCESS and SYSTEM SUPPORT tabs provide the current measures for monitoring impact. For Priority 4, impact to be monitored include:
– Learning Disposition – Family communication
– All Academics
– Post Secondary: Work Based participation, senior surveys