Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking is the skill of taking ACADEMIC knowledge and understanding and applying it to new situations. It using academic knowledge. Critical Thinking has been categorized in various ways by education researchers.

In BV Schools, Critical Thinking is taught and evaluated with the following definitions.

Subject Name of SkillsMeasures of Critical Thinking
General, Reading, and MathDetermine Importance
Create Mental Models
Monitor for Meaning
Use Background Knowledge
Draw Inferences
Ask Questions
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Social Studies Thinking SkillsCause and Effect
Determining Continuity and Change
Using the Past
Analyzing Turning Points
Interpreting Multiple Perspectives
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Science and Engineering Practices (SEP)Ask Questions and Define Problems
Develop and Use Models
Plan and Carry Out Investigations
Analyze and Interpret Data
Use Mathematical Thinking
Construct Explanations and Design Solutions
Engage in Argument from Evidence
Obtain, Evaluation, and Communicate Information
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