An important means of measuring student learning dispositions is through observation of the students demonstrating the dispositions. In BV Schools, Learner Dispositions are defined with the 7 C’s as being curious, connected, creative, critically competent, constructive, collaborative, and character-centered. Preschool through high school teachers model, teach and evaluate the use of the 7 C’s. The measure for each grade span is described and then linked with evidence.

Grove – PreschoolTS Gold is Colorado approved/required measure. Teachers observe
students over time for standards. Dispositions are defined as social
emotional standard in TS Gold.
Avery Parsons – K-5BV Essentials – 7 C’s are observed and evaluated each quarter by
BVMS – 6th-8thWork Habits – the middle school evaluates the 7 C’s through a daily
work habit/participation score that is reported each quarter on the
report card
BVHS – 9th-12thSenior Capstone– throughout high school, students develop and
revise a website-based portfolio highlighting their reflections on the 7 C’s.
The portfolio is then presented to community and staff panelist for scoring.
CCHS – 9th-12th Competencies – under development.